Ingesting pure caffeine powder maybe not as great an idea as it seems, says FDA




This is a thing?

I would have thought the pills with the neatly-measured doses would have served just as well for whatever purpose you could use this for. They’re not even particularly expensive.


I have watched people grind NoDoz to powder and snort them. Just sayin’


The only use case I can think of off of the top of my head is for cutting cocaine or some other stimulant. Otherwise simple caffeine pills would seem to have a much more convenient packaging and greatly reduce the chance of accidentally overdosing on it.


Unless you snort it. For which, I’d say, those gelatin capsules that can be pulled apart, with measured amount of the powder, would also be more suitable.


Pure caffeine is actually quite toxic. It doesn’t take all that much to kill you.


I like the little man/woman symbols on the otherwise institutional label. Like, they’re not actually saying caffeine powder causes great sex, but…


I suspect that this isn’t the primary driver of sales; but the pills(aside from being rather more expensive per unit active ingredient, although more convenient) are obviously mostly filler and sometimes dye. Not a major issue as pills; but if one wishes to caffeinate some beverage or food item the swirling clouds of pill-crud that they dissolve into are unaesthetic at best. The white ones, at least, can be filtered; the yellow ones leach yellow dye which gives the beverage a special unappetizing touch.

(Again, I doubt that this is the primary reason people buy this stuff; but if your preferred pick-me-up is soda you could do a lot worse for yourself than caffeinating a seltzer and skipping a zillion calories worth of sugar.)


I’ve seen that too. It was more disturbing than watching people do other drugs.


Right, that was my thought - an industrial product for making homemade sodas or making energy drinks.


A more efficient “breakfast” – caffeine powdered donuts?


Never take more caffeine than can fit on your wet thumb.


They could become an ancient prefight ritual


Who the hell thought this was a ‘great idea’ to begin with?


I hope this behavior isn’t widespread, and that the young people that have taken to using such pure sources of caffeine to stay awake, find an edge or get ahead, learn that too much of a good thing makes the good thing bad. Any good thing. As for being awake as long as possible, I’m good. I’ve done my time. If my telomeres were any shorter, I’d be typing with a ouija board. Now I’m all about pure powdered citric acid. And they said you can’t go home again.


An interesting alternative. Reportedly available in some areas (UK?) as a club drug. I would not mind having a stock…


Have you met people? People. The same people who make sure the power stays on, and the same people who will leave gum on the seat of the next bus you ride. Sorry 'bout that.


I’m feeling too lazy to do the research just now, but didn’t a lot of stimulants and narcotics derived from plants originally evolve as insecticides? Caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, opium, THC. They’re there to kill insects, or at least make them too sick to eat the plant. If a little bit will kill a little insect, it stands to reason that a lot of it will kill a big mammal.



Yeesh, I’m kind of surprised it’s that easy to buy pure caffeine powder. Caffeine in powder form will quickly give someone a heart attack if misused. A quick search for caffeine ld50 says 3-20 grams. A teaspoon of sugar is about 4 grams of sugar. If that’s comparable, a teaspoon of pure caffeine will probably kill you.