Inline Imagery in bb discussions?

Is there a way to reliably insert imagery into bb discussions? Previously, it was as easy as just pasting a url, but, lately, my posts have been coming up with blank spaces where there used to be a perfectly appropriate diagram of a lens, or what have you

I made most of those posts on an ipad/safari, if that’s browser specific behavior.

What URLs? Should work fine. Must be on a line by itself and must end in a recognizable image filename extension e.g. .jpg for example

<img src='//'>

but not

Hmm. That’s on my mac.

Yeah, it needs to be on its lonesome on a line, otherwise it will not work. The * means you get no image onebox.

Sorry I thought I was clear when I said

Must be on a line by itself

My bad.

On a line by itself means if the URL is too long, run it through bitly or some such to keep it from wrapping down to a second line on the page?


composed using the ipad.

it works. I’ll pay attention to the “line by itself” rule

If the image URL wraps to the next line it will still work. What matters is that it is “by itself”, e.g. there are no extra characters to the right or left of the URL.

That’s what I thought, but then several posts emphasized “line by itself” which made me wonder, since I have occasionally had difficulties myself.


I guess it is kind of a computer sciencey (or editing/typewriter?) concept, but a “line” can wrap – imagine resizing a window with flowing text from super super wide to super narrow. What makes a line a line is that it ends in a return.

Another way to say this: if there is anything next to the URL, to the left of the URL, to the right of the URL, other than a return, it won’t work.

(But usually when people have trouble with images it is because they don’t end in an expected image file extension, e,g. is an image? is an image?)

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