"Reply as linked Topic" does not work when the post contains only an image

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But it does work if there are two images in the post

Separated by a space, or newline?

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If there are one or more images, with no other text or spaces but the image-markup, “Reply as linked topic” does not work.

@sam @codinghorror @zogstrip

What browser/OS are you using? Works fine in latest Chrome/Yosemite.


Firefox 41

ew, yick, I just looked at the console:

ETA: for clarification, that spew only appears after a failed reply-as-linked-topic

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“What browser/OS are you using?” is the new “but it works on my machine!”


Why is there no :winking cat:



Thanks, I just pushed a fix. Will be deployed here shortly Is now deployed here :wink:


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