Inmate, denied health care in an Arizona private prison, chews his own fingers off


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Sound the alarm! He’s escaping, one finger at a time.

(Recycled soviet gulag joke.)


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In order to save us any discussion here of how denial of pain medication is not technically torture, please refer to this post:

Private prisons should be outlawed, since the profit motive combined with the literally captive audience incentivises abuses.


There should be no private prisons.

And they need to charge the C suite and owners - pierce the corporate veil.

Corizon is privately owned.

“June 2011 – Two companies, Prison Health Services and Correctional Medical Services, merge to create Corizon Health Inc. The new company is owned by the private equity firm Beecken Petty O’Keefe and Company through a holding company, Valitas Health Services Inc.Oct 27, 2016”

-Southern Poverty Law Center

From Bloomberg

Key Executives For Beecken Petty O’Keefe & Company
Mr. Kenneth W. O’Keefe
Chief Executive Officer
Age: 50
Mr. Gregory A. Moerschel
Mr. David K. Beecken M.D.
Managing Director
Age: 70
Mr. John W. Kneen CPA
Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer
Mr. William G. Petty Jr.
Managing Director
Age: 71

These are the people that the press needs to cover.


The governor overseeing this is also the person who will appoint John McCain’s successor when McCain can’t continue in the Senate (always assuming that McCain doesn’t, despite the odds, last until 2021.)

Hint: Joe Arpaio is running for Flake’s seat, and if he doesn’t get it then he might land be just the person Ducey picks to stand in for McCain.


A sad and horrific situation, and one that reminds us that we must continually raise awareness of these inhumane conditions. Thank you for sharing, Cory.


America makes the decision to put people in cages far too lightly.


It sounds like the positions of guards and inmates in that prison should be switched. That would probably be more just.


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