As America's temperatures soar, prisoners are dropping dead


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At this rate, in a few years, prison will just be a death sentence by means of extended torture, with only the method of execution being variable–heat, starvation, overcrowding… So much for no “cruel and unusual punishment” when the voting populace is all in favor of vicarious torture.


See, this is why we need private prisons. Because the prisoners themselves are worth more to the company alive!


Not with the “guaranteed occupancy rates” they aren’t.


What if we sell them Death Puts?


And then the insurance companies then work to keep them alive? Of course, we should have thought about pitting businesses against each other like this years ago!


Mmmmm, slow roasted long pork. Lucky prisoners.


Creative book-keeping to the rescue:


Look, if they didn’t want to die of heat, they shouldn’t have taken the plea deal.


Far too many people start from the point of “they are criminals” when we should be starting from the point of “they are human beings”


I think prison already is a death sentence by extended torture. This latest development just shortens the time between incarceration and execution.


Finally, the voice of reason. These corporate prisons are just trying to make a living just like you or me – they are not criminal enterprises.


Add to the fact that heat often begets violence, I bet there has been an increase in violence among prisoners.


I’d like to see a Venn diagram of “people who think it’s okay to roast prisoners and deny them sufficient water” and “people who snicker at prison rape jokes.”


Probably nearly concentric circles.


Prisons need passive air conditioning


Well if they didn’t want a slow, agonizing death, they shouldn’t have shoplifted that pack of gum.


Private prisons are proving that crime DOES pay.

They have managed to monetize punishment and so The Bottom Line becomes the warden. Maximize profits by reducing costs, such as electricity use (no air conditioners), and give the CEO a raise and a bonus.

What do you call it when you take away a person’s freedom and use them to earn a profit?


wanna fix the problem? vote in district attorneys who will prosecute wrongful deaths of inmates. The laws are in place already but we keep voting in ‘system’ friendly DAs instead of people friendly ones.


If the past decade has taught us anything is that the American people are, in a majority of cases, okay with torture being done in their name, and aren’t too picky about who they have tortured, either. I honestly can’t imagine how to fix that.