Innocent man billed $4,000 for jail stay

I’m going to assume that it is a violation of his rights, but he is not rich enough to do anything about it.


Once in a while we get that in the US as well.

I’m not sure if there’s any consistent case law on it.

That they even tried to defend this practice …


There is a phrase “What you need its not my problem.”

They should be paying him for lost wages,


Because of all the wrongful law suits brought against the local PD’s that they lose in court, hence financial dependency of wrongfully incarcerated individuals.

Circle of (life) Policing.

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The U.S. has several truly alarming growth industries, and for-profit prisons is certainly one of those:

Late stage capitalism showing that, for once, a sustainable, closed-loop, government-sanctioned grift of…




The program has sent over $7 billion worth of excess military equipment to more than 8,000 local law enforcement agencies across the country, according to the office overseeing the program.


… has some of us asking what miracles must necessarily happen to correct the problem when powerful people profit by it and the many responsible are not held accountable.

These facts stack up. They are more than the sum of their parts.
To those of us paying attention, it’s kinda terrifying.


And yet, they’re clearly rent-seekers, and Adam Smith had a rather low opinion of them, as they don’t create wealth.


There are many things wrong in Europe and European politics. Things to worry about, things to critizise. But whenever it feels too bad I think about the USA and I remember: “It is not nearly as bad as over there.”
And this is about pretty much any topic.
It is especially amusing/horrifying when you hear about something great happening to remedy a bad thing in the US and you think: “In most/all European countries, this would not have happened in the first place.”
“This guy was able to pay his medical bills because strangers were kind.” okay… so in Europe his insurance would have paid for that thing?
“This employer gives his employees 24 days of paid vacation, unlimited paid sick leave, health insurance and pays a living wage! All this even for his worst paid employee! What a great employer!” So… the minimum standard in many European countries? (Seriously, if your employer gives you only the minimum amount of 24 days paid vacation the state mandates, you have a BAD employer in Germany!)
“This prison in the US is set to rehabilitation and treats their inmates humanely (actually I have never heard of that).” So… how prisons in all of Europe are?

I could go on but I am already on a tangent. When I started writing this I just wanted to say…: However bad political and societal problems seem here. It always makes me feel better comparing it to the US.


I am amazed. Just when I start thinking the US of A, Land of the Free, can’t get any weirder, BANG expectations exceeded.


Clearly we should be charging the state for these fines like a normal functioning government instead of creating debtor’s prisons. Maybe then the GOP would get interested in reducing incarceration because of ‘muh taaxes’!

Over the years, seeing the “Land of the Free” morph into the “Land of the Free Market” this kind of thing has struck me as less and less weird.


Land of the Free-for-All. Not as Socialist as it sounds.


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