Innovation in lockpicks: the "hall pass" and the EOD speed-picking set



Well I can imagine speed might be of the essence in certain… perfectly legitimate… circumstances…

I guess ten bucks isn’t so bad, but still – why not just keep an old credit card that you don’t mind cracking? Especially since it looks considerably less suspicious?

Note: Ownership of any of these devices may well make you subject to arrest in many of the places where Boing Boing is read. Check your local laws.

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Good advice. Also note that ownership of pretty much anything is illegal if a cop decides it is illegal. Legal devices, such as your leatherman, become illegal burglar tools depending on what the cop thinks you are up to. Your legal tire iron becomes an illegal concealed deadly weapon if it is inside the passenger compartment but not in plain view.


Apparently, EOD stands for “Explosive Ordinance Disposal”–in other words, the Bomb Squad. Sometimes speed really is of the essence.

Of course, it could just be branding.


Better yet, secede and start a new state with your friends.

I was guessing Entry on Demand.

Safe here in New Zealand. I can order over the internet and Customs won’t bat an eyelid. No problem to own them at all. But if I was to be caught trespassing or even merely lurking suspiciously after dark with a set in my possession then it’s “proof” of Attempted Robbery …


I think @jerwin is correct, from the description of the set, and also the little picture of a bomb on one of the picks…

A good example is smoke from behind the door, when a single fire extinguisher can still be the difference between a minor problem and a burned down building.

Also, the EOD thing.

Or, though the speed is not of essence here, for enclosures; when you buy, inherit or get something that’s locked or contains a locked part (a server rack, a room in a house…), there is no key, and you do not want to damage the thing.

A good tech approach could be a concealable/concealed design. Something that is so dual-use that an averagely dumb cop won’t be able to recognize it is not a pen or a belt buckle part or whatever.

A better approach* might be to put them on your key ring, in the open and not make it look you are hiding something.

(*Approach may result in incarceration. IANAL. Not legal advice. :-0 )

You are half-right. I’d suggest to make them foldable into looking like keys (or some sort of keychain) at a cursory examination.

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