Lockpick earrings


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Lockpick earrings! Because if you’re already dressed to kill, you may as well flaunt illegal-to-possess-without-a-license burglary tools in public as well too!

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They’re not illegal to possess in all areas, and some places don’t even have state licenses for locksmiths. Perceived intent often factors in more in determining whether you’re going to get in any sort of trouble.

Wearing them while doing some other crime, or skulking about the neighborhood at 2am? Perhaps a problem. Wearing them to a ball, or a locksport event? Pretty much a non-issue in many places.

However, where’s the tension wrench?


I briefly had a routine in my show where I would demonstrate how a lot of body jewelry can be used to open certain locks (mostly shackles and handcuffs) presented as demonstrating the practical value of getting lots of body piercings. I’ve also had custom made body jewelry pieces for escape & magic gimmicks. These are pretty cool & look nice but the possibilities when you have larger and sometimes less visible piercings (septum, guiche, etc) allow for some very practical tools discreetly hidden (I’ve let security & law enforcement search me thoroughly and none of them has ever spotted my septum piece

No mention of Gina Gershon’s character in “Bound”? Tsk.
(To be fair, her’s were kind of lame, but prior art warrants a h/t at least).

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Worth noting that they may be illegal in your jurisdiction.

[quote=“Inox, post:3, topic:14829, full:true”]However, where’s the tension wrench?

On the other ear.

The “getting slightly longer” ear.


I suppose; not very long of a tension wrench. Looks more like a warded lock pick.

In the United States, laws concerning possession of lock picks vary from state to state

The first thing that came to mind was whether you’d be allowed to wear them on an airplane. Of course, if the answer is “no”, then that means they’d probably have to stop allowing other earrings that look like them. And from there it is a merry hop, skip, and a jump to all jewelry being barred entirely, amirite?

Cf. Gatwick airport took away my belt buckle.

Just to note it:

Legal to possess in Michigan, as long as you are not conducting any sort of illegal activity. (Section 750.116, MI Code) That number’s Sharpied on the inside of the tool case in my jacket pocket :smile:

Here’s a map for you:


At a glance there’s not a real problem most places.

Me, I’ve been sitting at a table in a restaurant in Washington State with five other people with all our gear out picking locks.

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