Insane signs at California school hit 15ft tall


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"“After the test starts,” he read, “a score of T will result each time you press
the lefthand button except as otherwise provided here below. Press the
lefthand button whenever the red light appears provided the green light is not
lighted as well except that no button should be pressed when the righthand
gate is open unless all lights are out. If the right-hand gate is open and the
lefthand gate is closed, no score will result from pressing any button, but the
lefthand button must nevertheless be pressed under these circumstances if
all other conditions permit a button to be pressed before any score may be
made in succeeding phases of the test. To put out the green light, press the
righthand button. If the lefthand gate is not closed, no button may be
pressed. If the lefthand gate is closed while the red light is lighted, do not
press the lefthand button if the green light is out unless the righthand gate is
open. To start the test move the starting lever from neutral all the way to the
right. The test runs for two minutes from the time you move the starting lever
to the right. Study these instructions, then select your own time for
commencing the test. You are not permitted to ask questions of the
examiner, so be sure that you understand the instructions. Make as high a
score as possible.” - Robert Heinlein, Space Cadet


I think at this point, you just replace it with a sign that says “No Parking Anytime”


Reminds me of the Futurama episode when the gang took a trip to the “Past-O-Rama” history-themed amusement park:

Tour Guide: I direct your attention to this ancient and mysterious tablet which has yet to be deciphered.

Leela: Do you know what it means?

Fry: Yeah, I asked a cop once. It means “Up yours, kid”.


I think I just got a ticket from looking at this picture.


It looks like those signs govern the curb where the school buses stop, so “no parking” would make sense. Letting people use the lane on Saturday makes it more complex - but should they abolish weekend parking?

Wouldn’t “No stopping Monay thru Friday 7am to 6 pm” cover that adequately?

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At least it’s for parking, so you can pull over to puzzle it out.

We’ve got signs that instruct you as to whether you can, f’rinstance, make a left turn, which are much simpler that that one, but from the time I’ve gotten close enough to read the sign to being past the intersection, I’m still puzzling through whether I was allowed to make that left turn. Basically you’ve got to scout the route on foot first.

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Is every mayor in California like that?

Why not just put a sign adjacent that says

Ehhh, f— it. Don’t park here.

On the other hand, one could probably remain in the space for a good while under the argument that you were not parking, but simply reading and trying to understand the sign restricting parking.

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And that my friend is why politicians shouldn’t be permitted to accept campaign contributions from signmakers.


I dunno I’m not a sign painter.


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