I failed this test


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Well, I read the “You failed” before I read “Look left” so…?


I looked to the “sign’s” left.

Exit stage left…




I am amused. :smirk:


Failed. Fucking arrows are so seductive.


I failed this test, but passed the test of not following orders issued by random graffiti.


How do I know if I succeeded? Do I just keep staring at this little blank spot on the left side of the image?


I can’t read; what does it say?


Always read the entire protocol/instructions before beginning!

rorrim a ni ti was tsrif I


“Sexy arrow costume” should be a hit with information design fetishists this Halloween.




Shit like this is dangerous for me.
When I fail (and I do), there’s a teeny tiny moment when I want to throw this whole computer into the hall.
It passes quickly, this feeling… but I worry some day I’ll slip up.


I passed, and thereby mildly surprised myself.


If the only winning move is not to play, then I’ve won.


It’s too hard! You just wanted to make me feel bad!


No time constraint is given. Only failing to look left before death would constitute a failure. (Assuming the afterlife does not allow completing the task.)


I fared the same as not, not buying this book.


Oh, my left?