15-foot tall stack of confusing parking notices reduced by half




You are in a maze of twisty little parking restrictions, all alike


This is one of the most Discordian things I have ever seen.


It doesn’t even look halved. It went from the equivalent of 8 full-sized signs to 6.25 signs.


You are in a twisty little maze of parking restrictions, all alike.


you are in a twisty maze of little parking restrictions, all alike


You are in a maze of little twisty parking…

{Here the text suddenly stops. Apparently the commenter was eaten by a grue.}



No parking on Tuesday from 1100 - 1300.

Monday through Friday 0730 - 1800 really consider parking somewhere other than here.


Problem solved!


If laws are code, this code needs to be re-factored.


You guys really don’t read each others’ posts, do you?


I can’t tell, is each notice signed “The MGT”?


wait - “Student Valet”?




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