In effort to boost ticket revenue, LA deploys even more confusing parking signs




This has been around for a while. I was under the general impression that they were more understandable because they compressed multiple rules into a simple calendar?


I think the new signs are a great improvement.


I love dice games. Craps can be played anywhere. But man oh man, I now want a LaLa parking sign.
I wonder if I can make up a Left Coast Cee Lo game to work with one?


I don’t find it a bit confusing, although I admit I had to spend five seconds actually reading it. With the old signs I didn’t need to read them, I already knew what they said, except when I didn’t and then I got a ticket.

Plus I just realized there’s a pretty strong claim of corruption in the headline with no citation at all. What a shock.


Says what days, but not according to which calendar. Fail!


I like how it even indicates someone will break into your car if you park there between 8 pm and 3 am.


9:00am - 4:00pm is two hours? Wow, that’s going to shorten my time at work.

Oh, no, wait, I’m reading that wrong.


Bring a wrench to LA. Free for the taking.


Surely you mean, issue tickets unless they roll snake eyes?

Also, ‘snake eyes’ doesn’t work for D20. They’re 1s, not dots. They don’t look like eyes.

Also also, it’s ‘d20’ not ‘D20’.


Oh, is that what the picture means? I thought it meant someone would move your car to a different spot for you.


The schedules I make for my crew at work look oddly similar to these signs. No ones had a problem reading and understanding them before, I sorta like them. If the rules themselves are too complicated, what would be a better system? I imagine they’re there for a reason.


Those signs are really, really clear. What are you talking about?


Hey I know what to do, never change. Who cares if it doesn’t work, change never solves anything right?

Feels like this article has an axe to grind and didn’t research any of the backstory on the new sign development. If you take the time to understand the change, it appears the intent is good (grassroots in fact) and the fact that the city is actually embracing change is positive.

Easy to read the sign IMO, hard to read the author’s intent IMO.


These are easy to understand, even if it takes a few seconds to read. If the rules are too complicated or the fines too big or the enforcement unfair, then attack that. But the signs are not the problem.


When, as a young person, I moved to the big city (not L.A.) from the country, I assumed that parking signs were a mere suggestion, and that any “reasonable” time would be tolerated. “It’ll be fine to be twenty minutes over; no one will care.” I was quickly disabused of my misunderstanding of parking enforcement by a hat-trick of tickets.

Ah, to be young and naive once again.


So on weekdays between 5 and 7 pm, I can only park there for 2 hours. I guess I’ll have to find somewhere else to put my time machine then…


I saw a mock-up of something very like this (may have been this in an early iteration.) The only problem I saw was the new signs didn’t have an “Schooldays” or similar indicator, while the old ones did.


I thought the article was pretty neutral - it’s Mark’s headline that’s over the top.


In effort to boost ticket revenue, LA deploys even more confusing parking signs

IIRC, these were originally created (and posted guerilla-style) by an LA designer trying to clarify the existing signs, and they were so popular among residents that the city adopted them by popular demand.