"30 Hour Parking" sign spotted in California city

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It doesn’t say 30 hours per day, just 30 hours – no time travel needed.


Local media outlet KTVU contacted city officials and “learned they are aware of the error and are working to fix the sign as of Wednesday afternoon.”

Seriously, KTVU? You had to let them know about the screw up?


One thing I don’t miss about California is the incredibly confusing parking signage. That wording “Except Sunday” got me every damn time. Does it mean “the rules don’t apply on Sunday so you can park as much you want” or does it mean “this allowance doesn’t apply on Sunday so you can’t park at all”? Even worse, that same verbiage appears on both permissive and restrictive signs.

San Francisco especially was notorious for having multiple seemingly contradictory signs on the same pole. There would be permissive and restrictive ones with overlapping time windows, so if you were in the overlap, you didn’t know what to do. God help you on Sunday.


Even simpler signs confuse people. I just had a lane marked “Bus lane Mon-Fri 9-11 & 16-18” all to myself. On a Saturday.


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California loves those time-limited traffic rules. A reasonable idea on paper, but in practice I wonder if they shouldn’t bother. I used to have a “no right turn on red (between hours on days)” on my commute. About half the people did it wrong one way (turning when they weren’t supposed to) and half did it wrong the other way (not turning and holding up the whole line when they could have turned).

At some point rules have to be distilled down to something understandable and enforceable (but slightly less efficient) or they only make things worse.



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