Insanely cute baby pangolin


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Cute? It looks like one of those creatures Khan put in Chekov’s ear.


I’m impressed at how it manages to be both ugly and adorable at the same time!

Awwwww :blush:

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I’ve always found adult pangolins to be incredibly cute, but this baby pangolin almost manages to reach aardvark-level cuteness.

And for the record nothing is cuter than an aardvark.


You have an odd way of spelling delicious


Rat-lizard or lizard-rat?

Maybe a party-aardvark?

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Not only delicious, but I’m sure the scales, nails, eyes, and gonads are all part of a Chinese folk remedy for impotence. Also I understand that while Charlie Sheen has tiger blood Wallace Shawn has pangolin blood.

14 seconds in and I had to stop the video, too cute for me, I was almost kinda starting to feel a strange warmth in my chest, it felt like I could die.

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Enjoy it while you can, because Pangolins are doomed.

“Insanely” does not mean “extremely.”

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I think that I now know how to write 'Hey, that tickles!" in katagana:

Godamighty, them are some honking claws! They should name it Howard Hughes.

It’s a baby pine cone!

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