Inside a click-spam ad campaign


I would pay cash money for a Chrome plugin that eliminates from my view any link, article or Facebook post that contain: “…hates this”, “furious”, “you won’t believe…”, “shocked”, and “olives”.

That last one is a personal preference. Olives are gross.


The least shocking thing about this article is that sellers like Baler make false claims in their advertising. It’s mildly shocking that there aren’t more complaints. It’s almost as though the buyers know they’re buying crap.

Maybe that’s why, even though Baler could afford a large crack legal team, he doesn’t need to. His “legal department” responded to Beauchamp with an “I’m not going to do your homework for you” letter that could have been written by anyone.

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I now want to sell expensive freeze dried food to preppers, and donate the profits to the Green Party. Useful lulz.


This one weird trick eliminates olives forever. Give them to me. Especially the one in your martini, dripping with gin. Mmmmmm.

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So, he went from training/manipulating pugs to doing the same to slightly less intelligent animals?

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