Inside a crew cabin in cargo ship swaying during rough seas


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Why aren’t the tables bolted and doors latched? This problem isn’t new.

Love that bit at the end.


I don’t know why, but I feel kinda disappointed at how much it looks like a dorm room. Maybe I’m a bit too much of a romantic when it comes to ships and ocean travel.


Usually the table is bolted down, there is a bungee-rope underneath the desk to hold the chair (he uses it @ 0:23) and a latch on the fridge. All the rest, you have to be very careful. Several times, I found my laptop across the room and books everywhere.
Ten years on seismic survey vessels and I never had a queen-size bed though…


Looks like some shipmate didn’t secure for sea.


He might be a crew member? I’ve seen some rented staterooms from freighters on travel sites, and they remind me of strip-mall styled offices (H&R Block, etc.).


I went to Sea for 5 years, and that’s really not all that bad, seen much worse.


As I recall, this is what its like to have small children. Clean the room. Wait 20 minutes. Clean the room again. Bolt everything down. Wait 20 minutes. Clean the room again.


That’s a lot of space for a single bed, crew cabin.


May I ask if you were expecting company?



Worse cabin I had: 4 screwdrivers, 2 screws and 2 pieces of cardboard to make, just that part of the ceiling, stop squeaking… What a shit old boat.


This looks fairly mild. We took some 45-degree rolls on our oceanographic cruise. Few people made it to meals then, and we had to wedge ourselves in the galley seats and spoon food out of hand-held bowls.


No no - they pay him for that camera. It is part of the website. Hot sailors, 24/7 live feed.

Is that guy the captain? That room is huge compared to the one I had on a short cruise.


This brings back memories of crossing the Irish Sea on a ferry. Approximately thirty of us in the group, and I was one of the lucky three who spent the entire trip knocking back pints of Guinness and laughing at the people who got sick.

Except for the short time we spent walking around the outside deck and I was one of the lucky two who laughed at the other guy getting soaked by a wave.

I should be ashamed of myself. Should.


Oh man! That trip from Holyhead to Dublin on the fast boat, full speed into a quartering sea, is the worst I’ve ever felt on board a ship.

Test whether or not you need a Dramamine when you use a VR headset


Breton states of america?

That’s a nice flag…


Yeah, not a single cat-o’nine-tails in sight.


Possible that it is shared, crew often work shifts.


On a side note, I hope he has control over the video camera in his cabin, otherwise, he has zero privacy.

Given that a go-pro is mentioned at the end of the video and he’s frequently interacting/posing-for the camera, i’d be 99.99% sure he’s running the camera himself here.

But yes, that would be horrific if that was an actual CCTV camera though :open_mouth: