Inside a flavor laboratory where new tastes are invented


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“custom labor solutions”

I think you miscorrected, there.


Then someone uttered the word “musty,”

Always on the top of my list of “flavors”. Yummy…


%^^%^#^&(#%^&$%^@#$!@#!^$%&%^$^(%)^%#&#$^&)+P{}|}{":<>?<>:{}|{$&$ Wired.

I am not using a bloody pop-up blocker!


I’m not sure what wired is checking for exactly. I’ve got UblockOrigin, PrivacyBadger, and noscript running, and the site displays fine for me. I suppose that’s probably a hint that their “ad-block checker” code runs client side in javascript, and noscript keeps it from running. Some day when I’m really bored I might test that.


I think it may be checking for connectivity to a specific website serving ads, which is being blocked by a proxy.


Not sure. I blackhole a lot of DNS traffic on my home network, and I’ve never had a problem with their site. Just my 2 cents.


“Pleasing taste, some monsterism.”


My initial reaction to seeing the McCormick brand is to fear getting fleeced. They charge more for an ounce of their food dust than various gems and precious metals. Fortunately, we live in a relatively multicultural area. You can find fresher spices selling for less than a quarter as much as “Mc”.


I recently installed this: to block the adblock detector.

I suppose that the next step will be for them to detect this and block my ad blocker detector blocker, but then I’ll install an adblock detector blocker blocker.


I think the only time I buy McCormicks stuff is when I find myself cooking for company in rural locales. Even then, it isn’t uncommon for me to just measure out a bunch of spices beforehand and drag my mortar and pestle along on the road trip.



“Taste” can be invented?


They forgot Umami.


I do not think McCormack spices cause overpopulation. I don’t think they’re even sold where population is growing fastest.


Which basically means “delicious…”

Which isn’t an actual sensory perception; it’s an adjective for describing the tastes that we enjoy.


McCormick used to make catsup that was really delicious. I only ever found it in packets at some KFC franchises. I have no idea if they even make it any more, but, it was great stuff.




It gets really interesting physiologically. We have taste receptors for glutamates, which makes it a taste. But we have like 19 different receptors for bitter. (I’ll have to break out McGee/This for the correct number).

Glutamate crystals are naturally found on dried kombu.



I was thinking of something more like this:

but okay.