Inside a Martian house on Earth

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That can’t POSSIBLY be the most efficient format for bringing video entertainment to Mars. Couldn’t they bring more movies per unit of mass on a solid state hard drive?


dunno, I would think* that solid state is more radiation-sensitive. and while space missions have weight restrictions one kilogramme of standard video DVDs are good for about 120 hours movies**, not lightweight compared to flash storage but also not prohibitive

* hard facts anyone? I’m curious, but not curious enough to search myself
** and much more with a more effective codec instead of MPEG-2


You would think so.

DVDs have a read-only,not corruptible benefit. But for the space, weight, etc. of just a handful of DVDs you could have a small media server built up with loads more data sharing it out to the whole place.


Wow, you think dying due to a 0.25 latency lag on Diablo is frustrating? Wait till you try this!


I wonder why they wouldn’t put the house somewhere more inhospitable. Maybe on the top of Mt. Everest? At least up there, the air is thin and it’s cold.

The living room has a bookshelf full of Russian language guides...
How did they win the imaginary Space Race?


Why not North Dakota?*


  • Take that, North Dakota!

Monetary and political reasons aside - I don’t think an Everest camp would have made this simulation more realistic.

Not many glaciers on Mars, the mostly dry environs on Mauna Loa are more similar to a Martian scenery. The cold does not really need to simulated as they had to wear space suits going outside of the tent, lower temperatures would not lead to more interesting/informative results of this experiment.

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I would want a larger dome.

And the Eagle.


C’mon HollyWood. Some of us are still waiting on our Space:1999 reboot.

I’m pretty sure we can get behind this. There aren’t a lot of great memories to tread upon. But the god-damned Eagle 1 is a great ship and needs to be brought back to life.

We’ll put it on the asteroids instead of the moon.

Nuclear waste explosion is too old school. Terrorist though. We could put some terrorists blowing up the ___________ (spit ballin’ here - fill it in later) and sending the Asteroid out of place

Okay. Terrorists cause the asteroid to … fall into earth’s orbital path!

We can get a couple seasons out of that, until we have some plan to slingshot the asteroid out of earth’s path … but then that goes wrong…

Hell Yeah. Get Captain Tightpants on the line. We’ll bring those damn Lightning Bug fan-boys on to this.

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Where are all the potatoes?


Somehow, I don’t think an acoustic guitar would work too well on Mars. An electric guitar with headphones would, though.

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Antarctica would probably be the closest available analog to the conditions on Mars. One of the reasons I’m not convinced that we are ready for a long-term manned mission to the red planet is that we haven’t even demonstrated the ability to stage such a venture on the southernmost continent yet. (I think the longest continuous period of time any individual has lived there is around two years, and those are extreme cases.)


It’s the racism you gotta look out for when you finally get to Mars.


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