Mars colony planned


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The Pilgrims on the Mayflower came here to live and stay. They didn’t wait around Plymouth Rock for the return trip, and neither will people building up a population and a settlement

The starving inhabitants of Jamestown did, though.


Also North America was populated by more than just robots.


This goes in the “pros” column for Mars.


Well Republicans usually name every damn thing after Reagan. This time, Bush is getting the credit. The George W Bush Mars capsule - I wonder if the name will be bad luck?


I hope not. A Mars capsule by any name is a Mars capsule and deserves all the success it can get.


Reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s work on the colonization of Mars has taken some of the shine off of this idea for me, but it is, still, an achievement that should be undertaken. Heard a scientist the other day stating that humans have, now, the capacity to alter the trajectory of Earth-killing meteors, but seeing as how the US gov’t can hardly even keep the gov’t operating year-round, it doesn’t make sense to bank everything on collision avoidance.

Also, when I consider humanity ‘moving to the stars’, is it wrong that I think of Miggs flinging his semen at Jodie Foster? Ugh.


Indeed. I believe we made a mistake not furnishing said pilgrims with a far leakier boat. Let’s not Mayflower Mars as well…


Let’s take Mars and terraform it as it can be. Pelt it with some comets if there’s not enough native water. And then continue to Jupiter’s moons.


Well Mars also have the problem of no local plants or animals to forage off of, no air to breath, and a chance if one contractor decided the landing sequence is metric and another Imperial you’re kinda screwed.


That’s what the terraforming part is for. A sealed colony is only the beginning.

Hey, that was just once!


There’s an easy solution to that problem. Any engineer caught using Imperial units anywhere in the command chain will be forced to mush someone home after work.


As an american and one of the last users of the imperial system this pleases me.

We seriously need to get with the times, something I thought would happen by now.


As one stuck with both metric and Whitworth and piping (G/R, but mostly G) threads, it’s an annoyance but something you can at the end of it get used to.

In graphics, it is sometimes inches, sometimes millimeters, sometimes pixels. In CNC, it boils down to the motor steps.

It’s all only units. The other one is just a constant and a multiplication away.


I’m just glad that they’re going to wait until after the Year 2038 crisis is resolved.


The “crisis” will start manifesting days to years in advance, depends on the particular piece of software. If source code is available, recompiling with longer integer for time_t will be the cure. (MAJOR argument for source code availability - contingencies like this.) If not, the machine can be hacked to run in false time, couple years “earlier”.


In complete fairness dude wanted to fund NASA for cool shit.


Another proof that almost nothing is completely good or completely bad.


He had a Vice President, you know.


Yeah, sure, just let’s not ‘B’ Ark the fucker with crazy puritans…