Instagram and Threads says they will stop pushing political content on users

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I’ll wait until I have confirmation that this isn’t an attempt to silence LGBTQIA+ people, feminists and POC. I’ve been burned too many times now by groups who think that racism, misogyny, homophobia and transphobia aren’t political, but complaining about it is.


Says the virtual mirror of Crooks and Liars.

Wait, did I say that out loud.

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It would be even better if they showed me the content of people I specifically followed, instead of a bunch of random videos.


The moment social media sites started showing anything but a list of posts from people I followed in chronological order, they lost me for good. It still seems absolutely insane to me that people would accept anything else.




Having considered the matter at length: reverse-chronological should be the default.

I could debate that subject, but ‘newest to oldest’ works too, instead of it being a ‘this post had 47467 comments/likes on it, so we are showing it to you first’ sort of thing.

If they could also stop pushing religious content on me that’d also be good; kthxbai.

THIS. THIS!!! is my primary complaint with failbook. Show my what my friends have posted, newest to oldest, and I’ll be happy.


Sometimes I don’t see posts from friends until days after they posted them. That’s ridiculous. But my friends aren’t giving money to Facebook. Content farms are. And so here we are.

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