Instagrammer licks ice cream in store, puts it back in freezer

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In a just world, this sort of asshattery should get you banned from the store chain for life, AND punted from Instagram — in addition to whatever criminal charges are laid.


Christ, what disgusting assholes. :face_vomiting:


My first jobs were food related, and I had to take an hour-long class to acquire a food handler’s card, back when such things were required.

I have also had food poisoning a few times. Once when I ate a small am’t of pineapple I didn’t know was bad, the others mostly when my mother undercooked things, tho a much-improved nearby restaurant did furnish some unpleasant nights. An undercooked chicken dish mom made for me left me violently ill for three days.

Knowing how to properly handle and cook things, and having suffered so much when things were improperly done, has convinced me there’s a special hell for food tamperers.


I purchased a small individual-sized ice cream from the corner liquor store, got home and was disgusted to see someone had removed the plastic seal, taken a bite out of the top and put it back. Eww! Like if you need food, please just shoplift and not take a bite and put it back.


Someone’s not going to sleep well tonight.

Unrelated, but on topic. Yesterday I had a ton of errands to run and realized I would be in a very bad way if I didn’t eat soon. I decided to hit up Chipotle as I can make a reasonably healthy meal there. First warning was the guy at the tortilla warmer who kept grabbing tortilla shells when people asked for bowls… three times in a row. Next up was a “splasher” who was clearly trying to ensure as much liquid as possible made it into my burrito (yeah, I know I said healthy. Sue me). This I was also moderately ok with, but when he went to wrap the burrito, he scooped up all of the fallen ingredients from dozens of prior burritos into mine.


When I told him I didn’t want it anymore, he opened it up and vaguely pointed as if I would be satisfied with him removing the stray tomato or onion chunk. At that point I just left because:

And honestly, I love Chipotle and this location is usually awesome, but I am not taking any damn chances with a filthy make line. I’m also of the mind that if you really feel a need to control every aspect of your food preparation, you need to take your ass home, which is exactly what I did. I just knew that if I ate that cursed burrito, I would spend the next 12+ hours trying not think of how nasty and careless the prep was and anxious that every burp and fart may be my last. Next time I’ll casually saunter up to the make line to be sure I’m not eating loose beans from the morning shift.


Hepatitis might be an appropriate consequence. Maybe dysentery.






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When that stunt went viral years ago, too bad that the “find out” part didn’t go viral too.

Mmm, ice cream with almond granola cravings!


Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to… lick unbought ice cream.


wondering if it might have been done just for attention, with footage shot afterwards showing it was taken back and purchased, just to be there to “prove” nobody was harmed, likely getting charges dropped, but initial spike in attention somehow overriding any negative consequences



Video taping this crime spree is the best idea we every had!


All those factory seals really started happening during the Tylenol tampering in the 1980s (was it?). Always good to check if they’re there. Most of them are pretty hard to put back on correctly once tampered with.

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Unfortunately, not everything has it. I know the ice cream we usually get doesn’t.

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