Interactive map of educational attainment in America


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NB You’re not limited to the cities listed, you can drag and zoom to look at other areas.


I know that while the information about the maps says clearly that the dots do not represent individuals, the presentation strongly suggests that the dots represent individuals. While it is a beautiful map and can serve a communication purpose I feel it has almost locked in a misunderstanding. It is especially noticeable when I moved away from the high density areas and tried look at my neighbors, until I read the data interpretation notes.

That being said, I think it is a great start at portraying this information, and I hope my criticism helps to make it better. :wink:


I see about 300 people with graduate degrees living in a county park nearby me.


Another interesting comparison is looking at the county by county maps of Bachelors degrees and red/blue voting. Very strong correlation, except for band across the deep south that another BBS member pointed out was the line of the most fertile plantation land.


This nifty interactive map shows education levels of everyone over 25, with red representing less than high school continuing up the spectrum to blue meaning graduate degree.

No, it certainly does not. Because “everyone” does not use the same kinds of educational institutions. Strictly speaking, this graphs institutional affiliation rather than education.


Highly educated sex offenders?


I sure feel like I’m looking at my own personal dot in Seattle. I kept zooming in.


[quote=“popobawa4u, post:6, topic:97390”]
No, it certainly does not. Because “everyone” does not use the same kinds of educational institutions. [/quote]

“Where does this graph account for all the people who attended the School of Hard Knocks?”


I don’t know whom you may be quoting there. But if it is a reference to my comment, what I mean is that rather than an open-ended graph of educational attainment as process, this sort of data reflects only one very specifically institutionalized variety. So it would be erroneous to assume that it applies to “everyone”.


I zoomed in on my street. The map is wrong.


Either the map is slightly off or there are some highly educated mer-people living near my neighborhood. Also, I didn’t realize the people who camped out in Golden Gate Park had finished their Bachelor degrees. Sad but not too surprising.


well satellite resolution got me wrong unless they were highlighting the guy standing next to me. stand down all missiles.

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