Racial segregation maps


I want to see Toronto.


I’m one of those blue dots on the left side of S.F.

Also: WTF, Detroit?

Why not link to the actual interactive map instead of Wired’s slideshow of screen captures from it? http://demographics.coopercenter.org/DotMap/index.html


It sure would be nice to be able to share specific coordinates on the interactive map. Also, it needs moar zoom!


It goes both ways in Detroit, but that said, observe the results of three decades (70s-90s) of white flight.

One thing that I was wondering about was the choice of colors for the different races … if you changed the colors, would it make it easier/harder to notice racial clusters?

I wish I could download the whole map to look at on my own.

In my small town (census-designated place?) you can clearly spot the block with the apartment complexes because it is the area that is most filled in and it has the highest concentration of orange. In the city nearby you can clearly see the area that is business-only.

Looks like D.C. hasn’t changed much after all these years…

(quote is at 5:40, some reason youtube timestamp url thing isn’t working)

“Mayor Nagin is here from New Orleans, the chocolate city… Mayor Nagin, I’d like to welcome you to Washington D.C., the chocolate city with a marshmallow center, and a graham cracker crust of corruption. It’s a Mallomar I guess is what I’m describing.” - Stephen Colbert


Me too. And not just Toronto, but all the GTA, from Niagara to Oshawa.

If it’s a joke or something, I’m sorry, but there’s a label for Mount Rainier on that map section. Which is a few thousand miles away from Washington DC.

There’s a pretty big difference…

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Would be interesting if there was enough data to drill down further into ethnic groups…

If it’s a joke or something, I’m sorry, but there’s a label for Mount Rainier on that map section. Which is a few thousand miles away from Washington DC.

Er, wat? Mount Rainier, Maryland literally borders on Washington, DC. Even driving to the heart of Mount Rainier is only about 5 miles from the center of D.C.

I’ve lived and worked in D.C. and Maryland. I think you’re thinking of Mount Rainier National Park in Washington state. :dancer:

I guess my ignorance is showing. I didn’t know there was a Mount Rainier in Washington DC, and I assumed the map was referring to the Mount Rainier I see every day driving to work in Seattle.

I wonder how the naming order went, and if it’s a coincidence or intentionally doubled name between the two Washingtons.

Whenever I hear about news out of “Washington” (Rarely, I only really deal with local sources) I used to get tripped up. Now I’ve come to realize that important news never comes from Washington state unless it’s about Boeing, Microsoft or pot. And then Microsoft is usually referred to as Redmond.

that excerpt of the Detroit map brought back a flood of memories since my home for much of the 80s was just a few blocks northwest of it and goes a long way to illustrate how a honky like me got to be such a hip hop head. this was pre-PE’s black nationalism and License to Ill was large, so none of the black kids thought it was weird at all that white kids were into rap. I moved, the rap scene changed, and I found out that most white people my age didn’t have much exposure to it. I know this is only tangentially related but it seriously was a huge touchstone for me and this map is like an infographic of my life.

also, the lack of further zoom and the horrible choice of non-contrast-y brown for the “other ethnicity” color really undercuts that you’re seeing (or should be seeing) a lot of brown dots in my old neighborhood, the Chaldean families were prominent. Metro-Detroit’s Arab population is large enough that the ads at the airport and on the buses are also in Arabic, but those pixels I’m assuming must be there are blending into the oranges, reds, blues, and greens. Come to think of it, the Chaldean’s might identify as white on the census? Not sure how Arabs are identified by the map, but point being I know there’s more to the story than it’s showing in this case.

I noticed it shows about 50 or so people living in a county park near here as well as people living in other parks. This makes me wonder about the map’s accuracy.

Milwaukee is a good one to look at… fiesta ghetto, regular ghetto, white people. Very clearly defined lines.

woah…i only had a vague idea, to see it presented like this is a real eye opener. thanks.

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