Interactive sea level viewer shows what will happen to America's beaches


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I wish someone would make something like this that would also show shorelines from historic era, like, during the last ice age. That would be very cool way to explain Oceania to my students.


The beaches won’t be gone! In fact, they’ll be even CLOSER to everyone!


That makes me wonder if they can model the movement of the sand, or if they just draw the three-foot contour and call it a day. Won’t some of the sand get thrown inland by wave action? Or will the only beaches be Morocco and Yemen?

Also, no floods in SimCity 4. What’s up with that? Three kinds of robots, but the crick don’t rise?


Well, there’s yet another good project that will have its funding cut by this administration.


Come on, folks. Every cloud has a silver lining.



Only if that land behind the beach is undeveloped. Otherwise it’s waves washing up over wrecked 7-11s and abandoned shopping malls.

Surf’s up!


We’ll all be swimming with the fishes.


The photo chosen for the story happens to be one of my favorite places on Earth. Sigh.


Ditto that.

Lets enjoy it while we can.

I have a cousin who runs the fishing marina at the end of Hatteras Island. He’s already moved to Va. Beach. His wife said she’d leave him if he insisted that they stayed put thru another hurricane.

Every time I go down there I stop by his place and pick up some of the best tuna and swordfish steaks you’ve ever seen. Yummm


The hushpuppies at The Jolly Roger on Ocracoke are the best I’ve ever eaten. Droool


Ocracoke Pirate Jamboree is coming up!

It’s warm enough this year to make it into an extended Summer Holiday.


Oooooh, good idea!


There will still be beaches along the Great Lakes, now with warm weather.


There’s more to Hatteras that will lost than just land there will be generations of fisherman lost as well. Here’s my fisherman cousin on a boat that my great grand mother’s brother built by hand in 1915 and bears her name.

That boat is the only surviving working sail vessel built in North Carolina. It was renovated a few years back and now is maintained and used by Carolina Coastal Classrooms for educational outreach.


It seems too simplistic. The waves during times of rising sea levels tend to build barrier islands. Certainly they are likely to shift position, but it is a dynamic system.


This is an easy on. They will go away. And yes, they will be replaced further inland, but probably not on a human time scale. The degree to which we are fucked is just not sinking in. IPCC says 12 years to the tipping point. IPCC has been overly optimistic in every single prediction they have made. And of course, the rich and powerful will be spared most of the consequences. But they will whine the most, as their beach properties vanish.


I’m shocked (and pleased) that a tool like this has managed to remain on the NOAA website, given how aggressively the Trump administration has been removing anything relating to climate change from .gov websites. I guess, since the NOAA site doesn’t expressly mention global warming (as a cause of the sea level rise the tool simulates), it’s escaped attention?


It’ll shift back to how it was before the 20th century; the poor live on the polluted and disease-infested lowlands, while the rich build their mansions in the safety of the mountains.

Ever read George Turner’s The Sea and Summer (AKA The Drowning Towers)? It’s not the cheeriest of books, but it’s a worthwhile read.