Quick link guide to a 10' sea level rise in the US


For the extreme version, go to Andrew Thaler’s website:
Science in the Fleet: What would your hometown look like with 80 meters Sea Level Rise | Southern Fried Science

The central conceit in the world of Fleet–my dystopian maritime science fiction serial adventure–is that sea level has risen 80 meters, an extreme maximum projection under global climate change prediction

Gallery of various drowned towns:

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Pfft. I’m pretty sure that “oceans” are something made up by scientists to push Nancy Pelosi’s freedom-hating crusade to take away our trucks.

Show me the word “ocean” or “carbon dioxide” in the Bible and maybe we’ll talk!


A conspiracy of oceanographers?

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You mean “white-robed ivory tower grant-hungry data fudgers,” right?

They’ll do ANYTHING to preserve their billions of dollars of annual profits, special tax treatment, and thousands of lobbyists!


All it takes is an Occam of Oceanographers to take care of the @stefanjones of the world… :wink:


I seem to be missing something here. With “+1” ocean height indicated on the chart, my house already shows underwater, as do several entire nearby cities, and most of SFO. I spend a decent amount of time walking and biking on the edge of the bay, and I’ve never seen the bay come within 15 feet of the top of the seawall, let alone 1.

Does this map disregard seawalls? If it was showing Holland, would it show it as being underwater already?

I’m not trying to be glib, and don’t think seawalls are the solution to climate change, to be clear, just trying to understand what this map is supposed to be showing me.


A city I’ve visited quite a bit for oysters–Newport Oregon–is gonna have a a lit more oyster beds :confused:

I may make light of it, since that is usually how I approach drastic situations. But simply looking at the map of coastal roads that will be washed away is going to be trillions of dollars.

So… Pacific rim style dam surrounding Antarctica and Greenland?


Heck no!
Drill, baby Drill!
Do you even Science? If we do enough fracking all of that injected water/etc will raise the continental crust enough to counteract the rising seas.


Ooh, if we drill enough we can use the… Drill holes… To hold all the new sea water! Brilliant!!


Bottom line for me is that my place is almost two blocks closer to the beach. Sweet! I’m going to have to find a new neighborhood coffee shop, though.


Time to short Facebook. Their whole campus in Menlo Park - not to mention “Facebook Village” - is going to be underwater

Even in the apocalyptic 10 foot rise by >2100, I lose some of my restaurants in Marina Del Rey and some beaches, but overall LA wouldn’t notice the difference. And since our beaches are artificial, we’d just dredge more sand and raise the land level. And make new building requirements that impose a raised “ground level”, since the area affected is so small. Other areas of SoCal won’t be so lucky, but would still only be a minor inconvenience for the population overall. The areas affected are all places where people have the means to move without severe economic dislocation.

It looks to me like in the US, the areas most affected are those that consistently elect politicians who are global warming deniers. Even in SoCal. For us liberal Californians who don’t live in the Bay Area, the ocean rise isn’t even our problem thanks to living in earthquake country. And San Francisco gets away relatively unscathed, though everywhere else along the shoreline of the bay will get seriously soggy.

I suspect global climate change won’t be taken seriously by US conservatives, until people have to start moving and banks have to deal with a completely different definition of “the property is underwater”.

When banks lose money, conservatives pay attention.

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