Interesting Gadgets, purchases, and other personal finds

This thread is basically because I wanted to share that I finally picked up an alphasmart in fairly decent condition (as in absolutely PERFECT condition,) and have been puttering around the flickr group (there is a slim non zero but very slim chance that the alphasmart neo firmware will be open sourced next year, or put on a non commercial license, or something.)

For anyone in the states interested in snagging one here’s the ebay listing:

However why brag about just ME getting some niche gadget? I want to know what you guys came up with. Any fortunate finds, grand goodwill grabs, or even bringing a gadget back from the dead?


I’m going to respond to this when I’m on my desktop computer. It sucks making a thread and no one says anything. Hang tight.

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A few years back, I bought my wife this fish-shaped corkscrew that I thought she would love. Her last name is a homonym for fish (in Chinese) and her family hangs golden fish all around their house. No go. Turns out she hates bulky impractical kitchen items more than she loves fish.

We also recently kickstarted this bike with kid carrier. Already looking to offload it. The turning radius is abysmal, and it doesn’t fit through our apartment door assembled, and the carrier compartment is hella bulky and heavy.

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