Any other CR48 owners here?


Be it directly from the Pilot Program, Ebay, or some other means anyone else have the little laptop google gave away at the tail end of 2010? Of those does anyone still use it?

I do. It’s pokey for browsing and gaming is generally a non-starter (there are exceptions,) But it’s a good solid bit of hardware and the keyboard is surprisingly nice to type on given it’s chicklet instead of raised. Pair it with something like focuswriter and it’s actually a fairly nice writing machine.


Is this where I get to brag about my AlphaSmart? I had to put raised nubbins on the F and J keys myself with the end of a red-hot paperclip.


I mourn the loss of those things as a commercially avalible thing. Also the source of my agrivation at the press praising the freewrite. Eh well.


I think there is space for a similar gadget in the modern market. That Freewrite thing seemed like a downgrade to me when I saw it. (All that shows is that what I’d fix about AlphaSmart isn’t what they’d fix about it.)

Any rate, I got this one at a thrift shop for $3. I think somebody didn’t know what they had.

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