Internet of things nightlight notifies you of tweets

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I imagine a new form of psychosis will have to be developed for these people once they can have their phone system implanted into their brains.

Retweets? bah useless, but it supports IFTT and might go onto my desk to show if my Jenkins build failed, or any number of actually useful alertable conditions. This is the off-the-shelf implementation of the red and green lava lamps dreamt of in pragmatic project automation


They weren’t able to set this up to cry like a newborn infant?


If your Twitter account is followed by many people, could the strobing of the nightlight this cause seizures?

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Just no.


My first response: No.
My second response: No.
My third response: No.
My fourth response: Well maybe, if I were a parent, I could use this to monitor if my kid is using their device after lights-out or something?
My fifth response: Yeah, no.
My sixth response: This could be useful for deaf people though, kind of like those doorbells that hook up to a light so they can see when the doorbell is ringing?
My last response: Jesus christ, I’m so glad I don’t need this.


Seems like a terrific idea…and a swell way to a happy life. Maybe now I’ll get with the times and give this Twitter thing a spin…

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What the hell is happening to everyone’s brains? And what will people willingly buy to make things worse?

That said, I am actually interested in IOT-style lights that prevent me from having to reach for my phone. I’d love to have a beautiful, minimalistic display of today and tomorrow’s weather, visible from the breakfast table, so no one in my family needs to reach for their phone just to find out whether it’s going to rain, or whether to wear a sweater. I’m sure there are other great ideas. But nothing that makes me want to reach for the damn phone, please.

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Yup, that’s pretty good, but how does the “14-day learning mode” prediction compare to what’s available through the web?

Also, I’d love it to look a lot more like this:


…but I freely admit that my obsession with building something tomorrow that’s way outside my capabilities is preventing me from just buying an existing solution today.




Please, please someone tell me this is a perverse art project rather than an actual consumer good. Because it’s way, way too perverse as a consumer product.


Indeed. Great art and bad tech for the same reason: horrifying.


Yeah, deliberately vs. accidentally.

Repurpose an old smart phone to provide such a display. Take out the SIM card, enable Wi-Fi, turn off screensaving, perhaps. Old smartphones not on cellular plans are basically small tablets.

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