Interview with a Vampire author Anne Rice dies at age 80

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Oh no… sad news.

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Everyone overlooks A Vampire Lestat and Queen of a Damned but I think they’re just as memorable


This book got little recognition, but was very good story, and written well. Thank you good Lady, and may you rest in power.

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Stake through the heart, sever the head from the body, and a communion wafer on the tongue.


You know - I am an idiot for not reading more fiction. So while I haven’t rad her books I definitely have enjoyed things that were derivative of her work, such as Vampire: The Masquerade. So for sure her works have indirectly influenced me. And I did like the movie, though I am not sure how faithful that was to the book. RIP


Everyone I’ve talked to thinks Interview with a Vampire was… actually not really all that good, while Vampire Lestat was where things really started to become interesting. I tend to agree.


Well, I shall enjoy a glass of something vampires cannot drink and listen to “Moon Over Bourbon Street” as I raise a glass to her memory. I did enjoy quite a few of her novels, and what more does one want?

Thank you, Ms. Rice.




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I feel the same about The Feast of All Saints, my favorite work by Anne Rice.


The Interview movie was pretty faithful. The Queen of the Damned movie was notably less so. I can’t vouch for Exit to Eden or other lesser seen movies.

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Oh dear. Well, that’s going to upset my English teacher from back in High School. She was a massive fan of Anne Rice and Vampire fiction in general,

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It was. Notably, Rice herself was initially pissed when Tom Cruise was cast as Lestat, since Cruise really looks nothing like how she describes Lestat in the books. She even refused to participate in promotional publicity for the film. Then she actually saw the film, and declared that Cruise absolutely nailed the part. I’m not a Tom Cruise fan, but I tend to agree. I was disappointed they never made a film of The Vampire Lestat. The Queen of the Damned film is terrible.


I had a friend who read the first couple of books and really liked the Vampire Queen character. Enough to name her daughter after her. She never did read ‘The Queen of the Damned’. She really should have before settling on a name.

I enjoyed quite a few of Anne Rice’s books at one point in my life. The movie Exit to Eden caused quite a bit of overwrought pearl clutching in my stupidly evangelical home town, for which I’ll always thank her.


I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise either, but it was one of his better roles, for sure.

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Reminds me of one of my favorite lines from Bowfinger, in which Steve Martin’s character hatches a scheme to covertly shoot a movie starring an A-list actor without said actor’s knowledge:



I think it depends on whether we want a conventional horror novel with a monster and a tormented protagonist, or a kind of postmodern story where the monster is the protagonist

I thought the second and third books got way too “ooh Lestat is so cool let me tell you how cool he is,” but once she got that out of her system the ones after that were pretty good

So once Lestat left her, the stories improved?

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Lestat was still the viewpoint character in Tale of the Body Thief and Memnoch the Devil, but they weren’t about him literally being a rock star and becoming the most powerful vampire in the world

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