Interview with Alexander Rose, contestant on the ABC series Battlebots

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Can’t hear the interview at work, but my kid applied to be on the school’s robotics team this year. So I recorded some Battlebots for her to get some idea.


My nephew is on a team this year (I still haven’t been able to make it to one of their competitions)

I enjoyed this tournament despite it really coming down to Spin Vs. Wedge just like it always has. Also the BattleBox seemed to hardly be a factor in the mid-arena but the outer-arena was really doing damage.

I think they need to allow more weapons types. I’d like to see a pneumatic or hydraulic ram or spike. Flame was not really a factor and I can see why, even a cutting torch needs to be held still for a bit.

My dream would be unrestricted weapons barring chemical explosives, including gunpowder, and just telling the contestants be prepared for whatever. The only caveat is I think no snares only because they would result in a snare arms race and really boring matches.

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His bot can ollie. That’s enough for me.

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