Interview with Matt Taibbi about "The Divide"


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Taibbi was, until recently, the best only reason to read Rolling Stone: a finance writer for the 99%, whose incandescent and meticulous columns were terrifying and enraging by turns.


I wish people would post transcripts of interviews. Reading is so much better than listening.


Interesting: if there’s one thing I find next-to-impossible to read it’s transcripts of interviews.

In any case, Taibbi was and still is a must read.

Edited to add: I spend a lot of my working day driving to and from customers. Audio recordings, for the last decades or so, is a primary source of information.

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I just don’t have the patience to listen to an hour long interview, I could read a transcript much more quickly. Of course, I understand why someone wouldn’t want to write that up, too.

I emphatically agree. Which is RS is so diminished for his leaving.


Yeah I tried it again recently with the gweek podcast where Frauenfelder interviewed the guy which wrote the book on stoicism (can’t bother to check with the new page layout - too much work). I thought it could be mildly interesting and started listening. I found the “american” style of interview grating on my nerves. I want questions and the corresponding answers not a constant stream of “That’s awesome, thanks, thats great, really nice of you, awesome …”. So give me an edited transcript to read where I can skip the uninteresting bits.

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You can try this, it has free options to upload the mp3 there and auto-transcribe it. I’ve used it before and it’s worked fairly well:

Otherwise, I would suggest donating time and/or raising money for human transcription.

“Terrifying and enraging by turns”. For me, those things don’t take turns when reading Taibbi – they overlap pretty thoroughly.

Taibbi makes it clear that most of the world economy is a house of scam cards, and the rentier class is either in denial about the long-, middle-, and short term effects and/or they believe they can profit from the catastrophes and/or they simply don’t give a shit.

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