Matt Taibbi's The Divide: incandescent indictment of the American justice-gap


I wanted to read this book, but after reading Corey’s review, I’ll avoid it. It sounds both depressing and infurating at the same time (couldn’t take the stress).

Too bad the ‘Great Experiment’ of this nation has failed so spectacularly in so many ways

It is both. I’m almost done reading it and that pretty much sums it up - depressing and infuriating.

I do not understand why boingboing links to Amazon to buy anything. I would like to buy Matt’s book but not from an organization that I feel is as bad as Walmart.

They probably do that for the referral fees, and even if you don’t like shopping there I don’t see how it hurts you to have the links as part of the review.

It doesn’t hurt me, I just have to find another way to buy the book. I didn’t know about the referral fees.

Depressing as hell my friend, so depressing that even though very topical and on top of BB only five have even commented.
I worry that the US has not ever been free for lets say the 80% or even 90% but without some sort of reset event in the social inequity which I pray will not be the bloody kind which typically fails to a new boss same as the old boss

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