Lunch with the Financial Times

The Financial Times’s Tim Harford has a regular feature called Lunch with the FT in which he takes someone out for lunch and a long chat, and then reports on both the lunch and the talk. We sat down recently for very nice steaks and cheap wine, and Tim’s just written it up: Doctorow is… READ THE REST

Lunch with the FT is a weekly column but the writers are different each week, It isn’t a Tim Harford column - they just pick someone with some affinity with the interviewee.

Nicely subtle ribbing of the FT’s readership in there. “Well loved by people who are price insensitive” indeed.

Also, Did you have to ask specially for that link to the piece to work? Half the time when I find an FT link, I run up against their paywall, which seems to be better designed than most, even if it does only fire into action on occasion.

Nice! :+1: & love the caricature. did you actually wear a haunted mansion tee or did they draw that on you knowing how much of a fan you are? :octocat:

Thanks, right you are!

No, and I can’t figure it out, either. I’m in San Diego and it’s working on my laptop, but not on my phone, and my wife tells me she can’t get to it at all from the UK. Tim says he’ll put it up on his site shortly.

No, I was wearing it that day!

It was a good interview, an interesting format - and I hadn’t heard your comments on sci-fi economies before - would be interested to hear you write more on that.

I must admit the steak is a little more than I’m used to paying for it (to put it mildly), but if you have the resources to go for it I can’t blame you - are you a regular there as he says? Do you really notice the extra over a £15/£20 steak?

I’m in the UK and the link worked for me…

Wow, I hope that all of the FT readership can not be judged by several of the comments left for that article. Is calling someone a “tool” still meaningful in the UK?

I see a bit of your mum in that caricature they did too. :slight_smile:

The comments at the are priceless. Not only do they sound like grumpy (technically) clueless old men but they have a certain naïve arrogance that makes disliking them both fun and much easier.

This is my favourite: “Never heard of Boing Boing…hardly influential I’d say”

But, it was WendellMurray’s rambling comment that drew me in had me enthusiastically reading them all. Christ what an asshole.

@ibjoshua I agree. The whole, “If I have not heard of it then it must not be important” vibe was too much!

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