Interview with the guy who stole moon rocks from NASA so he could have sex with his girlfriend on them

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Was her name Alice?
“One of these days Alice—pow! Straight to the Moon!”
Show: The Honeymooners


Stealing the rocks, worth it. (I for one would love to hold a decent sized chunk of moon rock, even if on the conscious level I know it is mostly just some lousy olivine breccia.)
Getting caught, not worth it.


Whatever gets your rocks off…



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That sort of fetishism would be the almost inevitable result of all those rocket/penis metaphors.

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Really now, do you expect any less from a guy named Thad?


Um, ow. I mean, aren’t most of them basalt without the added benefit of water and wind wearing down the sharp corners?

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I think the moon rock sex scars would be a bragging point.


Selling them on eBay? Really? And everybody was supposed to just… not notice?

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Like, I can’t even be mad.


Yeah, I gotta admit, I kind of respect that.

Selling the used rocks on ebay, though, that lacked class.


Yeah, I kind of would.

But that awe does not live within those rocks. It belongs to all of us. From experience I can say that there are more appropriate, and more productive, ways to come face-to-face with our magnificent insignificance than stealing a piece of the moon.

Sounds like Thad had a LOT of time for reflection in those 100 months.


Those rocks likely got him more sex then he was anticipating.

(~insert your own moon probe joke here~)

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With post-coital cosmic debris.

I sense you’re about to waste your time on me. I suggest that you do not.

I think he was just trying to cure his asthma too.

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He would have had to wash them thoroughly not to be in violation of eBay’s policies.

Damn kids, get off my rocks!

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