Interviews with Goths, Cureheads, and Pyschobillies in 1989

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The geeks, motorheads, and wastoids could not be reached for comment.




Some great looks!

My Shadow cloak and Inverness cloak both look nice for a Goth night. Back when I went outside around people…



A nostalgic yearning which is in itself more pleasant than the thing being yearned for.

– Adams/Lloyd The Meaning of Liff


In ‘89 I was living in Chicago, very much a Goth-y, Curehead-y looking guy, and these Psychobillies from Dunblin stayed with us one weekend. They were in town just to see the Rev Horton Heat. They were dressed to the 9s in very expensive looking leather boots and jackets, the girls were gorgeous, and they were drinking Jack Daniel’s from the big square bottle. I think their clothes, booze and weekend visit cost more than a year of my rent in that place.


Sing me the song of my people. Okay, I was technically more retro hippy by the time of this video, but I’m with them in spirit.


I’ve always shot for uncategorizable.
Is it working for me?



Qu’est-ce que c’est?

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The Reverend!! I saw him at “Hootenanny” a weekend long rockabilly+car show in Pasadena back in 2000.

Tons of money into wardrobe, cars, hooch, tattoos. I recall that all day tension had been escalating between some white power guys and some latino guys and a brawl started while Horton Heat was playing, so he immediately stopped the song, shamed the angry guys for trying to ruin a sweet party and they listened! Everyone stopped fighting the band started right back up and no drama the rest of the weekend.

As a kid I loved hot rods and swing dancing so I was cool with the rockabilly psychobilly crowd, great shows, killer fashion, fun dancing.

My roommate sort of lost a girlfriend when she went on tour with The Reverend HH one summer. She came back with some of the coolest tattoos I ever saw and her boots were amazing.


Punkier Rockabillies with distortion pedals and a penchant for skulls. It’s pretty fun.

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Think The Cramps

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