A brief history of goths


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Shit! Now I’m not sure I want to finish my documentary: A Goth History of Briefs.



I was in my living room thinking, “damn, they wrapped that up fast.”


Nothing by the Stranglers? Well I can fix that!


The only song I know by them is this, but I really like it.

Is MLWTKK considered Goth?

Oh well, here is some old school.


Goth darn it!



I certainly heard them enough in goth clubs I used to go to that they are…


here to say “hooray for Clan of Xymox”!


Shitting the proverbial bats:


i miss my pointy goth john fluvog with skulls shoes like 380 below



I miss mine too!
I was thinking of ordering these for fun!



For some reason, looking at those pointy goth shoes, Sanctuary is not stuck in my head!


how about Fire women?


how about now?


Now it’s not going anywhere for freakin’ weeks! :wink:

Also… me, IRL right now!


Did you wear a black shirt, black skirt, and have Bauhaus stuck in your head :wink:

FYI - thats a line from a new Blink-182 song.

I was a closest Goth, maybe? I wore a lot of black, but didn’t goto clubs. I don’t think they had those around where I grew up.


When DON’T I have Bauhaus stuck in my head! Actually, it’s more likely to be Joy Division, if I’m being honest goth.

I had to drive down to Atlanta from my hometown. I was lucky to have a major metro area nearby.