The Coloring Book for Goths: because goths (and former goths) can take a joke


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“I only color in black, and some times very very dark grey.”


Fair enough.


i have a sudden desire to listen to This Mortal Coil. i mean, it’s a general every day feeling for me, but suddenly it got a bit more intense.


That was my first thought as well. I couldn’t figure out why the organizer wasn’t getting it.

Also, the obligatory link when discussing this song:


Exactly where my mind went.


I know… I KNOW!!! That albums especially…


Do want.



My god, do I love that song…


And yet it’s oddly terrifying when they smile.


Honestly, the only version I could never get behind was Tim Buckley’s own (the guy who actually wrote it), though George Michael’s is pretty meh too.

But if you want to hear something cool, start the Sinead O’Connor’s cover, then start Bryan Ferry’s much more recent cover as close as you can to five seconds later. Even though the time signatures tempos are different, the overlap is kind of eerily haunting…


Tempos are different. Time signatures are the same.


My mistake.


NP. Music pedant.




Literally all of you are vying for the pendant badge, aren’t you? :wink:


Oh! I can’t get on board with that. I was obsessed with Liz Fraser and Robin Guthrie’s version but once I heard the original I was so struck by how much they had taken right from it.

I’ll leave it here because it’s just so beautiful.


I want to like it. But it just doesn’t do it for me. There’s actually a lot of singer-songwriters who’s signing I don’t much care for but who’s songwriting I love. It’s not his fault. He plays fine, but his voice isn’t appealing to me.


Perhaps. What else should we do with our time?