The Coloring Book for Goths: because goths (and former goths) can take a joke

That depends on how literally you take the word “literally,” and exactly to whom the nonspecific “you” refers.

I was going to quibble and correct you by saying it was a pedant badge, but it is, in fact, both a pendant and a badge, so I’m going to leave that alone.


Well it’s not like you are trying to convince me to vote for Trump.

I think having a disagreement about the source material for a This Mortal Coil track puts us in a very narrow field of shared interest :slight_smile:

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Or put ketchup on a hotdog.

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I’ve never thought of the This Mortal Coil project as Goth, it’s a bit too saccharin tbh (like most of Ivo’s production). I mean it’s hardly the Neph or Christian Death is it.

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Depends on the joke.

“Mock the freaks” didn’t tend to go down well. “Laugh at the absurdity of the world” did.

I spent much of my goth days smiling so much that my face hurt. Mind you, the constant LSD and amphetamines may have had something to do with that,

(not a particularly smily pic, but one of the few surviving images of me back in the day)


That there would be an example.

I was also thinking of how back in the day punk boys and girls used to make fun of goth boys. I don’t remember them being able to take jokes very well.

BTW this used to be an ongoing shtick in the Something Positive webcomic.

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Melbourne? Face seems familiar, although not much of my clubbing time was spent sober so I have never been great at recalling people met in the dark :sunglasses: wearing all those sunglasses at night probably wouldn’t have helped…


Sydney, early '90’s.

Sanctuary, Nocturne, Rollercoaster, Armoury; Jungle Bar, The Sight, Les Girls.

More piccies:


So much reminds me of the legendary Goth Girl Panty Remover mix tape that circulated in Texas in the 80s

While we’re doing This Mortal Coil covers of Tim Buckley songs:

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So much reminds me of the aggressive drunken creeps that we routinely chased away from the clubs once they started harassing and threatening the girls.


No man it wasnt like that at all. This was a tape that got passed around between punk guys who were already dating goth chicks, basically a mix tape for sexy times. Anyway Texas was very chill between the different scenes.

the last time i saw dead can dance, i almost fell down when they launched into it for an encore. even better, it made it onto the later live album release, so i can play it over and over and over and over…

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Lisa Gerrard is brilliant!

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