Kickstarting a pair of goth cookbooks featuring drawings of Morrissey and Nick Cave

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1) The world needs to know.

Seems questionable, Indeed.

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Not to be “that guy”, but shouldn’t a goth coloring book of any sort really focus on Bauhaus, the Sisters of Mercy, and Christian Death (among other bands)?


Yeah, I don’t get why these are “goth”.


Morrissey and Nick Cave are both too stringy, no wonder Goths are all underweight if that’s the kind of thing they eat.

I mean, you could maybe make a case that the Birthday Party was sort of proto-goth, but they made songs making fun of Bauhaus, yeah? Certainly not the Smiths or Morrissey, though. How about Alien Sex Fiend, the Bolshoi, Fields of the Nephilim, Death in June, London After Midnight? I don’t know… maybe it’s all a matter of perspective and a moving target anyway… let’s just say any band that’s been on Cleopatra and be done with it?

Still sorry about being that guy, though.


The sorrow of your being that guy drives me to walk with my ingredients into the one tool of my kitchen, a bread slicer made out of pulleys running salted steel strings and powered by the weight of a large tray of yarrow over the driveway. Maybe to go back for red pepper flakes.


Not really relevant. I just love this quote.

I figured it was just Morrissey’s version of the old “I wouldn’t ever even leave the house” joke.

Birthday Party was pretty goth.

I’d fund it for the Nick Cave one, but what does he have to do with veganism?

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Most of his songs are about love, loss and death, I’d say he’s earned the title than most of the Cleopatra Records cover album participants :stuck_out_tongue:

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