Black metal meets Benny Hill


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I was expecting a metal cover of Yakety Sax, but that works too.


All of a sudden I need to watch The Young Ones.


Thank you, this is my new favourite video.

Its all fun and games until some halfwit doesn’t realise the entire genre is supposed to be a joke and starts burning churches and murdering people.


I was expected to see Benny running around to metal, so I had it exactly backward.

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they look very white to me

Blashyrkh mighty lollipops!


More drums (and cow bell)

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Holy shit! I just noticed that one guy’s face makeup is like Grumpy Cat’s face.


Dude’s a kitten of northern darkness, it’s just how he is.


Yakidy Sax makes everything funny, Norwegian Black Metal, and nuclear warfare. Check out Yakidy Sax to “The Day After” and “Threads”.

It’s actually funnier with the original sound.

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I still think the video of the Dutch polka music overlaid on the German industrial dancing was better (unfortunately pulled from the youtubes due to a copyright claim - sadness).

I’d rather see a death-metal version of Ernie The Fastest Milkman In The West.

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Needs some of that major-to-minor key magic and heavy distortion.

I always thought “In My Garden Of Love” was really an acoustic version of a death-metal ballad.

I’m pretty sure the music in this video is called “Blackety Sax”. Not positive though…

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Mind blown.

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