Black Metal + Yakkity Sax =




This video was a complete and deliberate joke /before/ the addition of Yakkity Sax.


And a link to the original non-reframed Youtube video:


Black metal artists/fans like to goof around in the snow like anyone else? By the Dark Lord, it’s as if they’re almost… human.


Yep, the original was a parody of Immortal’s Call of the Wintermoon, which by the way, was completely serious:


Yes, these guys are brilliant:


So they say…

The story I heard was that they had short notice to put a music video together, went into planning, and then it turned out they needed to film the next day so they just said ‘fvck it’.


‘Okay, here’s our concept - I do the entire video with a shit-eating grin. We good? Go!’

And when you get to 1:50, they’ve all got pretty decent voices (with enough reverb)!


This. This is as good of a round 5 recap as one can expect from found goods.


Almost as good as the (unfortunately removed) German Industrial dancers/polka remix.


Hmmm…not sure if I’m pleased with the new direction Dethklok is headed.


[quote=“oldtaku, post:8, topic:24496, full:true”]
‘Okay, here’s our concept - I do the entire video with a shit-eating grin. We good? Go!’[/quote]

I think it would make Bill Paxton proud (remember the Barnes and Barnes video for Fish Heads?).


I think you meant

Satan of Hell you say? Are you sure can’t substitute another Satan? No? Okay. Sorry.


Boy that well ran dry five seconds in.


I think this is their best one, particularly if you like to see your lead vocalist in a thong:


Never though black scandinavian metal could be so much fun!


See? This is what happens when the Ice Queen gives the Narnia kids meth instead of Turkish Delight.


the “Ice Queen” indeed


That little-people drum set is hilarious.


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