Jack Black YouTube announcement now accompanied by piano


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Goes well with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYnH58Ur3tA (make sure to check out the other “w/ drumses” in David Dockery’s channel!)


These kinds of videos always remind me of this early Steve Vai track (which is a good representation of how he got a job with Zappa)-- guitar comes in about at about the 1:07 mark. Not exactly the same, but I remember being impressed at the ingenuity and tenacity of transcribing all her words as notes.


He’s my kind’a mutant.


well he won’t be jumping any bridges then…


He’s always been a good-hearted person, like the rest of the world’s Happy Mutants.


Also a good illustration of the hidden rhythm, melody and cadence behind expert public speaking.


In that vid he’s got a “human who is actually a muppet” vibe, animated and furry and goofy eyeballs.

He’s so much fun. Gotta love him.


I’ve never heard that track! Must brush up on my Vai, I guess.


Agreed. I’m really glad that pop culture seems to have come around to him again. There was a period there where he seemed to be a punchline and a target of some people’s deeply felt hatred. Even if one found him grating, I could never understand the vitriol.

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