Watch Jack Black listen to K-pop songs, try to sing them, Korean contestants try to guess song


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I’ll have to send this to my metal head friend who is also into K-Pop


Humans are funny.


funny stuff, but not making fun of anyone. I like how the world is ALSO coming together in nice ways. it isn’t all anger and hatred thank goodness.


I wanted to not like this, but couldn’t.
His musicality is so offbeat, that it works perfectly for this.


He started mocking the music with Bruce Lee noises for a second there, then remembered where he was and cut it out. Nice save, bro.

Also, where do they get those Dr Seuss socks? Is that the show uniform?


They are not really contestants, but the regular cast of infinite challenge. They are comedians and get presented with different tasks every show. The one on the title card is Yoo Jae-Sok, the “MC of the nation”, probably Koreas most beloved TV personality.


I would be very surprised if they were offended by Bruce Lee noises. Asian cultures tend to be much less sensitive than the US when it comes to racial stereotypes in comedy.


Ya, I got some of that and some of it was kinda racist-y in tone.
But to be fair, the sounds and tones of eastern languages are very different from English. Trying to imitate is pretty hard to get right.


The entire episode is great; the group does a lot of slapstick-y contests and Jack Black is one of the most enthusiastic guests they’ve had on the show. (I watched this on DramaFever, where it’s listed as Episode 117.)

But yeah, Black was so good at this K-pop game that they did it again the next time he guested.


I suppose whether rich or poor, the happiest people on earth are those who are what they really want to be.



drumpf wants to be god-king of the world, and I get the feeling his trophy wives just want to be rich and single…



Those are definitely the faces of first-time amphetamine users.


That’s pretty true and probably because we’re racist. Openly, not always hostile.


My favorite:

Q: Is he drunk or possessed?

A: Yes.


This beats ‘Trump or Monkey’ hands down.


Certainly your friend already listens to Babymetal (J-pop meets metal, but still).


I’d be hesitant to say they want to be single. More likely they want to choose companionship independent of their economic class and status.

Sure some humans want to be alone, but most seem to want partnership. It stands to reason that most of those running a hustle on rich-born shitheads such as Drumpf also want to have opportunity without marrying the first silver-spooned louse who waddles into their modelling agency.

[Don’t get me wrong, Melania Trump is an opportunistic lowlife who would of and has thrown others under the pussy-grabber’s bus, but she climbed into that skin from what ought to be the hopes of an immigrant.]