L.A. morning show host surprised that a K-pop star from Vancouver speaks English


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Their next song should be “What does the Moose day”


I giggled


BoingBoing commenter who used to work in television news completely unsurprised that L.A. morning show host is a clueless dolt.


(dang, does not include moose speak)


That reminds me of a scene in American Vandal, where they are splicing student interviews.:

Student 1 - “I think it might be Ming. I mean, he’s an exchange student, who knows how they they think.”

Ming - “Yeah, I’m from Vancouver.”


Um, yeah, from Vancouver, probably not moose then.
Maybe gray squirrel?


For the last time, not all Canadians are francophone quebecois!


They probably get similar compliments in Korea about their Korean because they are Canadian. Can’t win.


Isn’t it “Quebecker” now?



Surprisingly good at foraging underwater. Maybe they could evolve into moose-whales down the line?


You mean asshole-sharks. Moose have too much rage to be as nice as whales.


So true. I’m ten times more frightened by moose then bear.


I’m thinking Moby Dick with antlers.


If memory serves California has the highest percentage of asian-americans in the US. Is LA enough of a demographic bubble that one could live there and not learn that people tend to speak the language(s) they grow up around rather than the ones people who looks sort of like them may have spoken several generations ago just by experience?

Or is being an LA morning show host one of those gigs where exuberant immunity to ambient data is a sought after trait?


I speak moose, with a slight hint of northern bear in there.


Plenty of Koreans here in NYC that don’t speak any English at all, I’m sure the same goes for many Koreans in Vancouver. It’s not at all unusual for immigrants all over the world to not learn to speak the dominant language of their host countries.



Plenty of Koreans here in NYC that don’t speak any English at all

I can understand why, the English writing system is quite illogical and borderline moronic compared to the Korean writing system.