Racist tries to shame Spanish speakers in market, but another shopper steps in to shame the racist


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Good on Kamira Trent.


“That’s baisist!”?


Good on that woman for chasing a racist out. We need to ostracized people when they behave in a socially destructive way.

As for people who think English is sacrosanct in America. Show me where in the Constitution it says people have to speak English? That’s right, y’all didn’t bother reading it.

Now I’m pretty pragmatic about this. I think it’s important that the children of immigrants learn English because that is going to offer them the best opportunities. And being bilingual native speakers those children are going to be better off than monolingual English speakers.


Talkin’ 'bout my generation! F-yeah, scram olds!


There’s a deep irony of someone living in a state where the name of said state is Spanish and then admonish someone for daring to speak their native tongue in their presence. And as @OrangeTide said, there’s no official language for the US at the federal level.


Simply put, if America is the land of the free, then they can speak between themselves whatever the hell they want, you idiot lady.

Also should get support for Spanish when dealing with government and services, of course, but I’m amazed that some cretin always manage to be offended because two person talk TO EACH OTHER AND NOT TO THEM in some other language.


Some folks are nosy busybodies, and get irritated when denied the opportunity to eaves drop.


The bigoted woman’s head would asplode if she tried to shop at my local grocery stores on any given day. Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and Russian are all very commonly spoken around here.


Wait, is this using white privilege to fight white privilege? Whoa, Doc. That’s heavy


I guess they imagine they are insulting her in Spanish.

Which probably will be the case after the iteraction. Or hell, in English, so she can listen.


But, that’s not 'murica now is it? /s


I don’t think there is anything “racist” about this, but it does demonstrate some cultural bias.


Of course it is - university town, southeast Michigan. Down the road is Dearborn, with (as we’re told, anyway) the highest concentration of Arabic speakers in the United States.


So by this woman’s own logic she can never leave the United States, nor even go to French Regions of Canada, cos as she states, she would have to learn the native language, by her own rules…

…wait what is the Native language of US, I think a few tribes might have a say on that one.


Just here to note that Rifle, Colorado lies (of course) in the part of the U.S. that we took from Mexico.


I enjoy getting worked up about stuff, too, but good god, woman. You’re apoplectic because two strangers are doing something that has absolutely no impact on you.


Splitting hairs about the definition of “race” does not help the victims of racism.


As a young ignoramous here in Vancouver I was sometimes miffed at people conversing publicly in Asian tongues. Later I become reasonably fluent in Japanese. Turns out they were talking about food.

Now I relish working in a cafe where there are lots of languages being spoken. I get the comfort of being around people without being sidetracked by nearby conversations. (Related aside, this beautiful vignette from “32 Short Films about Glenn Gould”, https://youtu.be/j5Y4wVWz-AQ .)


It would be better if more people embraced the idea that that’s what privilege is for.