Racist lady removed from Starbucks


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This racist woman was kicked out of Starbucks by the police, because karma is real

Google Maps tells me Walnut Creek is in the East San Francisco Bay area. How far are you going to get around that region if you confront everyone speaking an Asian language?


But Her Emails.


What a sad soul-ugly lonely old wretch. While it’s obvious she needs the love of other people she sure isn’t going to attract the kindness or care she needs.


You’d never leave the house.

On any given day, I hear a variety of other languages being spoken, from French to Tagalog; the Bay Area is closer to being the so-called ‘melting pot’ than any other place I’ve lived…


It’s like a Daria episode come to life.


Switch to decaf?


Walnut Creek is about the whitest place in all of the SF Bay Area. I don’t even really consider it Bay Area, either – it’s on the other side of a small mountain range.


Milo’s really let himself go to seed.

Seriously- they don’t let her drive, do they?


It’s only 10 minutes away from Oakland by BART; mountains or not, majority White populace or not, it’s still part of the area.


I am glad she didn’t get away with her racist tirade, and other folks stepped in to tell her off.



I will admit. I get annoyed hearing various languages for two reasons. 1) I don’t know what they are saying. And 2) I feel stupid for only knowing two languages (English and French).

My annoyance of course doesn’t translate to me openly berating someone. Because. You know. I’m not an asshole.


“Oriental, I hate it!”

Well, guess what old lady: we don’t care. There’s also unwed women who have s-e-x working here, and men with piercings. Oh my stars and garters, you’re offended by someone talking to someone else? Well it sounds like some special snowflake gets offended way too easily and should grow some thicker skin. It’s amazing it’s so thin, since it looks like she stole her skin from a rhinoceros in the first place.


Switch to oral administration. The stick up her ass is causing some severe side effects.


I’d probably hate hearing Japanese.

After years of anime, my brain is convinced that I understand it, and it’s only when I turn to look at something else, and can’t read the English fansub on the screen, that this is exposed as a delusion. Once when a loud truck was going by outside, I turned up the volume so that I could “hear” what the characters were saying.


In the interest of balance, you should really post the missive she was working on to let people make up their own minds.
“2348 388484 948398892988 9839382 9383928 382636362 6662636 8813”.
Makes you think, right?


Of course this behavior is inexcusable, but it seems to me there must surely be dozens of unreported cases every day in which people are asked to leave after they get annoyed about someone else speaking too loudly. It’s one of those restaurant/cafe things, is it not?


I was at the grocery store once, and a woman was in front of me in line and speaking English with a heavy accent and some minor grammatical errors. When she finished her transaction and left, the woman behind me in line said “I just don’t know why they don’t learn our language if they’re going to come to this country.” “Oh,” I said, “how’s your Navajo?” I’d been saving that one up for a really long time, so it felt good to use it, even if all I got was a blank stare.

I’m a linguist. Hearing other languages spoken, even if I don’t know the language, is like a botanist seeing an interesting plant or an entomologist finding an interesting beetle on a leaf. Why the hell can’t people’s default be curiosity and wonder, rather than bitter rejection of difference?


I’m from there, and, yes, it’s pretty white and affluent. But, I’m surprised that this sort of Trump-y behavior is even attempted there. She even tried to spin it as Obama saying people should speak english. smh