Awkward metal band photos


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Clicking on the photo should play an mp3 of the band’s favorite song they performed. :slight_smile:


This will really impress the ladies.


As adorable as they are, those photos aren’t all metal. I detected some glam, and even a few New Romantics.


Wait, I think they mixed in some Glam in their Metal:


There is a more concise term for “Awkward metal band photo.”

It’s “Metal band photo.”


No freaking way this is real band.

It had to be staged for an Onion article. That’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it.


This one is not that bad

Oh wait, this is the ‘I’m waisting my time and clicking trough the next link on that site’.


I wish I could corroborate that for you.



this one

made me think of this


At center is Mark Dow, of Helsott. He’s not me, but I really hope to be mistaken for him some day. \m/ \m/

[Edit: This is how it will go down. Phone call, meet at a dive bar. “Dude, what the hell happened!? You look like shit.” Here I launch into an epic air guitar riff, gesticulating wildly. I’m practicing in my bathroom every day until I get some satisfaction.]


Is that Julian Lennon in that photo?


I found these photos legitimately inspiring. I can tell they’re awkward as hell, and they surely know how the world will judge them, but they’re going for it anyway. Well done, dudes.


All I see is pure awesomeness.

Rock on, my friends. Rock on.


It’s as if Journey and KISS had a baby.


Oh, 80’s. You ended too soon.


Maybe the doll was a last minute substitution after the model pulled out.


I am sure I saw Lionel Richie in another one.