Creepbay: the gothiest stuff on the net


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Every item on this site:


Weird…I never figured Slim Goodbody as the Goth type.





OMG is that available again? do you have a link?


If Beevis and Butthead got in trouble for saying “fire”, then this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.


Well, they have permission to take my money.


Goth is as goth does.


The kraken/hair cameo is pretty awesome!


Even with a secret love for Kitchy goth/horror stuff, I would never actually buy it, but a few of these are really tempting my inner goth.
Also: I didn’t know body suit hoodies were a thing. I don’t quite get it - hoodies are for cold weather, but body suits are quite thin…


Would’ve tried to get a couple more hours of shuteye in last night if I knew it was going to be the last time I’d be sleeping for the month.

Bodysuit Covered In Fake Human Teeth


Love the door wreath…




That skin-tight neon pink hoodie thing is, um, quite a far cry from the Goth I knew back in the day…


Clearly, you didn’t know any perky goths or cyberboths… :wink:


This GIF tells me I was right not to click-to-reveal. Thanks.


Yeah, it will haunt me for a while, I think.


Yikes. Can’t really add anything that’s more useful than “Thoughts and Prayers” but thanks for taking one for the team.