A brief history of goths


Wichita was the “big city”, but its not got a lot going on.

FYI OHGR from Skinnypuppy is touring with KMFDM this October. And both Gunter Schultz and En Ench will tour with PIG (Raymond Watts) making a sort of KMFDM Jr Varsity show.


Hmmm. Might be worth taking the kid to! She loves her some Skinny Puppy and KMFDM is fun live!


I have to say that I really dug the animation art style from that clip.


OH wait, to be clear it is ohGr, which Nivek Ogre of Skinnypuppy is in… but I would imagine they would cover a song or two. If you are still near Atlanta they will be there 10/11.


Yes, I know! But she’d be excited about seeing ohGr, even with another band… She’s heard his solo albums too.

Is ohGr on the new KMFDM album?


Me too! Or as they were known at our college station, Clan of Xanax.


I don’t think so, but he did contribute to Adios album. So hopefully we will see a live version of Full Worm Garden and/or That’s All.


Although by that standard, so are Depeche Mode, Adam Ant and the Sisters of Mercy*

*who clearly aren’t, just ask Von. :smile:


With your fondness for weaponry, I’m picturing you as Jay from Flem now :wink:


I hope they don’t neglect this chapter.


Aaaaah . . .


Just getting out of the shower a few minutes ago, I put on a yellow shirt for the first time in my life. I feel like I have never looked less goth!


Oh the video mentioned Cyber Goth. I think Grendel falls under that umbrella.


I listened to The Cure, Joy Division, Bauhaus and all, but balanced it out with plenty of Butthole Surfers, Devo, The Slits, etc. that I couldn’t really be considered “Goth”.
However, I was kind of a pedant about things like the Ware and Marsh version of synth-pop The Human League being the truest version…


nicely done…
but, any true goth seeks the dark side. i knew i’d be disappointed before even watching it…and the lack of reference to the birthday party ensured i wasn’t disappointed in my disappointment.

now let’s release the bats…


I dated a girl in the 80s who was serious goth. She had super-white skin, jet black hair and she avoided the sun at all costs. I saw her a couple years ago, now in her forties with kids. No longer goth and natural brown hair. Her skin looked amazing. Avoiding sun damage in her early years paid off very well in the long run!


I had those exact same boots. Got 'em for $10 at St Vinnies. :slight_smile:


cramps, gun club, birthday party, velvet underground, suicide, nico. nothing more, nothing less.


My kid wanted to go to KMFDM a few years ago, so we did and it was great. There’s nothing quite like getting caught up in the mosh pit at a KMFDM show with your daughter. :joy: It’s one of my favorite memories.


Wonder how Cocteau Twins fit in there.