A brief history of goths


Spoiler alert. They’re all black.



Awesome! Keep up the good parenting, my friend! It’s up to us to make the next generation of happy mutants!


Wait, The Human League didn’t release anything after Travelogue, did they? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I thought this was going to be about the new Mountain Goats record, Goths, which is about the 80s goth scene in Southern California.

No one knows when the Batcave closed.


I graduated from high school in 1989, in a small college town in the Northeast, and, although I knew and liked bands like Bauhaus, Joy Division, and Siouxsie and the Banshees from college radio, I didn’t hear the word “Goth” in reference to a music scene till the 90s.

I feel as though I missed out, growing up as I did in the sticks.


Visigoths or Ostrogoths?


all jokes aside…The League Unlimited Orchestra - Love And Dancing is superb. Martin Rushnent’s remixing of the Dare album is his crowning glory as a producer.


yeah, i’m not shutting up yet…

a few years ago, i saw roland s howard (of the birthday party) playing in an old convict prison on a former penal island in sydney harbour. it was a fantastic reminder of all that was powerful and true in the dark heart of the gothic, something that seems so lost in its cartoonish modern representations.

there is an ezra pound quote that i’ve never been able to find again that captures it all so well…something about how in middle age you realise that not only were you right about the world when you were young, but that you were more right than you even realised at the time.


Early albums are goth, less so from Blue Bell Knoll on, although goths still like the later stuff.


I was there. Did you see Michael Gira play on the same stage?


Wow, it’s true. Didn’t have an idea, although I was an early sort of goth at the time but all I knew from Cocteau Twins was the chart stuff. They.


The thing about “goth” music is that all the great bands that ended up defining the scene sort of disavowed it, feeling it too limiting. I mean, Andrew Eldritch denies that Sisters of Mercy were goth.



My kids both went through a “Goth” phase. In our family that means that they start wearing a spangenhelm, and carrying around a shield and axe. This sounds like a joke, but it really happens. This sort of behavior is not discouraged in our household.


Sascha Confirmed on Facebook they are working on prepping That’s All to be done live.


OH! I’m gonna have to go get that album now!


Cocteau Twins just transcend, I think. One of those bands, like the Dead Can Dance that are so good it’s hard not to love them.


Got to love history jokes! Of course, from my POV, th goth scenes are sort of history!